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Aw: Greg Hallett 22 Jan 2013 16:32 #91

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Inzwischen liegt das Interview teilweise transkribiert vor
(allerdings mit einigen sinnentstellenden Tippfehlern, die ich in den
folgenden Exzerpten korrigiert habe).


The Abdication of ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II
We are NOW in an Interregnum.

Greg Hallett: [...] I want to sort of clarify the separation between the True Royal Family and the dark side, all of the scandals that are going on at the moment. And I just want to separate the two because the True Royal Family is very intellectual, high minded, very well researched.
So I am going to talk about Jacintha Saldanha (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Jacintha_Saldanha oder de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacintha_Saldanha) being suicided and the apparent pregnancy of Kate Middleton and her sexual history and how that parallels with some of our discoveries that were happening concurrently and how it appear that Queen Elizabeth II has abdicated.


So the person called Queen Elizabeth II is actually an invention of tradition carrying a 160-year line of illegitimate Royals who were brought in concurrently with the British Empire being a Mafia empire. So what we’ve had is a Mafia Royalty and that was due to last for 200 years from 1812 to 2012. So now is the time to bring it out to show that the Royal Families that we’ve had from 1852 on have been illegitimate.


Queen Victoria had 9 official children. Before that she had one child that was born legitimately and in marriage - that was Marcos Manoel. The other 9 children were born bigamously and from incest, unbeknown to Queen Victoria. And incest is not illegal if you don’t know about it, but the person who sired the children did know, so he would be guilty of incest and that was Lionel Nathan Rothschild (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lionel_de_Rothschild) – he was the siring partner. Prince Consort Albert didn’t sire any of Queen Victoria’s official 9 children.
So the next person to reign after Queen Victoria died on the 22nd of January 1901 was King Edward VII, who also knew that his elder legitimate half-brother was alive. So King Edward VII’s coronation was delayed for 18 months from the 22nd of January 1901 to the 9th of August 1902. At the same time King Edward VII got the Secretary of War Lord Kitchener to alter the mandate of Freemasonry which was originally about keeping the True Monarch on the Throne, and he changed it to whatever it is today.


Now King Edward VII and his reign from 1901 to 1910 organized the murder of the Portuguese Royal Family, organised the Abdication of the next Royal Family, organised the murder of his legitimate older half-brother, and then passed instructions on to his son King George V who reigned from 1910 to 1936, to assassinate the exiled King of Portugal, King Miguel II of Portugal, in Twickenham in South London, so that destroyed the last vestiges that were about from the Portuguese Royal Family. And then we had from 1936 to 1936, January to December, we had King Edward VIII who was never crowned.
And then we had King George VI from 1936–52. He was crowned, but he was retarded. And he had a child with the person referred to as the Queen Mother or Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. And that child turned out to be epileptic. So King George VI was removed from being the siring male. He was replaced with Winston Churchill who was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII, so there was still some supposed Royal blood there, but it was from incest. King Edward VII was a warlord. Winston Churchill, his biological son, was also a warlord.
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was initially engaged to the person who became King Edward VIII who reigned January to December 1936. He told her he was going to abdicate, so then she was given the option to become engaged to the person who became King George VI. But he had knocked knees and was one IQ point above retarded, so she brought in her ‘Whipping Boy’ (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whipping_boy) to bec[o]me engaged and then marry King George VI. Now the ‘Whipping Boy’ is somebody that an aristocrat is raised with, and sometimes it doubles for them in photos. And sometimes it is two photos taken, with say the brother, where Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon is photographed as a child with her brother, and then the ‘Whipping Boy’ is also photographed with the brother as the sister. So what you’ve got is photographic opportunity to show a complete history. And the ‘Whipping Boy’ came from Waterford in Ireland and the Irish accent had to be taught out of it, so it was more of a Scottish brogue.
The true Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon got married and lived in France and died in 1950. And I got this from a British and European Royal who is incredibly renegade, so Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’ ‘Whipping Boy’ married King George VI. And then Winston Churchill provided the sperm for the artificial insemination with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Whipping Boy, resulting in Princess Elizabeth who was born above the Coach & Horses pub in Mayfair in London. And that’s why Queen Elizabeth II’s nickname is “Lily l[a] Bonne”, meaning “The Maid”. That meant, she was the daughter of the Maid, the daughter of the ‘Whipping Boy’. Then when King George [VI] died in 1952, the very illegitimate Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1946 Prince Philip became engaged to Princess Elizabeth under the extortion of Lord Louis Mountbatten. [...] Mountbatten extorted the ‘Whipping Boy’ Queen Consort Elizabeth and King George VI on the basis that the Royal Family had been fake since 1852. So in order to retain the crown, they sold their daughter into marriage to Prince Philip, and it appears that Lord Louis Mountbatten also included rights for under-age sex with the firstborn: Prima Nocte, Droit de Seigneur, Right of the Lord where the Lord takes the virginity of the serves – and that was Prince Charles.


Lord Louis Mountbatten had first rights to sex with the firstborn of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, which was Prince Charles. So Prince Charles was a pedophile victim from obviously a young age. Lord Louis Mountbatten was absolutely known for his pedophilia and he was known for having schools under his own name, like “Mountbatten School” in Singapore, and one of the pupils there spoke to me, he would have been in his mid- to late 50s. And he was saying that it was his role to meet Lord Louis Mountbatten at the gate when he was about 5 or 6 years old, and after that he couldn’t remember what happened in the next few days, and then he started to have very adult thoughts flashing across his mind, like sexual thoughts. And it appears that Lord Louis Mountbatten was testing drugs for Roche including Darken and Silence and Date Rape Drugs, and using it for sex with children. Now other people have also brought out that Lord Louis Mountbatten is a pedophile.
Now Lord Louis Mountbatten introduced the well-known pedophile Jimmy Savile to Prince Charles. They used to spend quite a bit of time together and go to parties together; a lot of it was under the guise of charity events. On Jimmy Savile’s 80th birthday, Prince Charles sent Jimmy Savile a pair of gold cufflinks, a box of cigars and a note saying “Nobody will ever know what you’ve done for this country”. Because now there is a phenomenal amount of children that Jimmy Savile abused.
And it appears that Prince Charles was definitely not the father of Prince William and is not the father of Prince Harry, and it was Princess Diana who ensured this, possibly on the knowledge that she knew definitely that Prince Charles was having a long standing affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, and that Prince Charles may have been a pedophile. And that may be why the current Laws of Succession are completely bypassing Prince Charles.
Prince Philip and Lord Louis Mountbatten also had sexual relations. Prince Philip was also known for getting drunk on Royal Navy Ships and then falling over on the stomach so that he could be sodomized. And some of the sailors who sodomized him told co-researchers of mine that “Oh yeah, I had Prince Philip!” So he was quite into sodomy and into children. And now on Sandringham Estate (de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandringham_Estate) in Norfolk they are finding lots of bodies of children and women buried around in the yards. So it looks like Prince Philip, who extorted his marriage with Princess Elizabeth, is a pedophile who then agreed to marry Princess Elizabeth and that their firstborn would be sodomized as a child by Lord Louis Mountbatten.


Sandringham House, which is actually Sandringham Palace. And it is actually on the Dragon Line that runs from Transylvania where Prince Charles has bought a lot of properties, [it]’s where the Dracula Castle is.


Queen Elizabeth owns the Court buildings, so there is no hearings in court against the Queen.


[The bodies] have been exhumed. And they were buried randomly, not as graves, they were buried to be hidden and investigations are ongoing.


Prince Philip used to keep a Black British Taxi, a London taxi and a chauffeur’s cap. And he used to put his chauffeur’s cap on, get in the taxi and drive to a brothel and walk in like he was going to pick someone up, and then he would stay in the brothel. And one of his favorite sex-hunting buddies was Kate Middleton’s father. [...] [T]here is a sex-hunting connection between Kate Middleton’s father and Prince Philip.


If you think of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” (de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyes_Wide_Shut), it is kind of a “Everything goes” party, but what they show you in the movie is very tall skinny model-like girls, generally in their 20s.

P. S.: Kubrick gelang es bekanntlich nicht, den Film "Eyes Wide Shut" fertig zu stellen.
Er wurde vorzeitig mit einem Herzinfarkt abberufen.
Das Märchen wurde alsdann verbreitet, K. hätte den Film gleichwohl "so gut wie fertig"
gestellt, und nur noch einige wenige Details seien nach seinem Tod an dem Film 'angereichert' worden.
Dieses Märchen um K.s Tod wurde auch von seinem Schwager und langjährigen Excecutive Producer,
Jan Harlan, weiterverbreitet.

Stanley Kubrick (* 26. Juli 1928 New York City; † 7. März 1999 Childwickbury Manor)


P. P. S.: Der inzestuöse Link zwischen Queen Victoria und Lionel Nathan Rothschild ist mir noch nicht klar.
Wie sind die denn miteinander verwandt?

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Aw: Greg Hallett 23 Jan 2013 11:00 #92

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Legoland schrieb:

P. P. S.: Der inzestuöse Link zwischen Queen Victoria und Lionel Nathan Rothschild ist mir noch nicht klar.
Wie sind die denn miteinander verwandt?

Transkripte sind eine feine Sache, so kann ich die Frage gleich selbst beantworten:

Perhaps we should start with Queen Victoria being named ‘The Grandmother of Europe’ and her son King Edward VII being named ‘The Father of Europe’. Now, around the time that Queen Victoria was being conceived, her supposed father The Duke of Kent and Strathearn was virtually bankrupt. He was a gambler and a womaniser and it was debatable whether he was able to sire a child. So, soon after the Rothschild takeover of the Bank of England on the 22nd of June 1815, the Duke of Strathearn and Kent needed to get his banking debt payed, and it appears that Nathan Mayer Rothschild payed for those gambling debts in exchange for breeding rights, and that Nathan Mayer Rothschild is the biological father of Queen Victoria.
Quelle: www.theworldoftruth.net/HallettReport/No3.html

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The proposed Laws of Succession are an attempt to subvert the Legitimate Claim to the Throne 04 Feb 2013 00:09 #93

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Hallett Report No. 5 - The proposed Laws of Succession are an attempt to subvert the Legitimate Claim to the Throne

Hallett Report No. 6 - The Abdication of ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II
We are NOW in an Interregnum


Diese hochwichtigen Informationen sind nun online. Würde sich jemand bereit erklaeren diese Seiten zu übersetzen? Falls ja bitte kontaktieren unter
contact (at) theworldoftruth.net

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Aw: Re:Aw: Greg Hallett 05 Feb 2013 00:18 #94

deutsche Atombombe

Der seit 2005 - und immernoch - laufende 'most epic internet thread' zum Thema:


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Aw: Re:Aw: Greg Hallett 05 Feb 2013 11:12 #95

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Warum verlinken Sie Seiten wie diese hier.

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Hitler war ein Britischer Agent: Jetzt in Deutsch 28 Jan 2014 17:37 #96

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Das Buch ist jetzt in Deutsch erschienen

Video zum Buch

ISBN 978-0985227814

Das Buch ist erhältlich bei



Bei weiteren Buchläden:




Adolf Hitler war einer der ersten Erfolge des später „Tavistock" genannten Instituts. Er verkörperte den Höhepunkt der britischen Kriegsmaschinerie. Als Außenseiter illegitimer Herkunft wurde er von seinem eigenen Land über mehrere Staaten in die Arme des britischen Geheimdienstes getrieben. Der „Führer" wurde zum Feind des Landes, das er führte, um die Verträge und Verpflichtungen des Staates, der ihn trainiert hatte, zu erfüllen.

In Hitlers „fehlenden Jahren" 1912 und 1913, die in den meisten Geschichtsbüchern ausgelassen werden, wurde er in England psychologisch dekonstruiert, um später als Agent der britischen Kriegsmaschinerie eingesetzt werden zu können. In diesem Buch werden seine bizarren sexuellen Gewohnheiten enthüllt sowie die von ihm selbst verübten Frauenmorde, die in der Öffentlichkeit als Selbstmorde dargestellt wurden.

Die Verwirrungen des Krieges verbargen, daß Hitler den Staat Israel schuf -- auch die Juden bestätigen dies. Er tat dies jedoch nicht alleine, ihm half eine Reihe kompromittierter Geheimdienstagenten, die zumeist uneheliche Kinder der Königsfamilie waren. Daher waren sie gezwungen, einen Balanceakt zwischen strengster Geheimhaltung und gefälschter Geschichtsschreibung zu betreiben. Einige von ihnen täuschten sogar ihren eigenen Tod vor.

Im Zweiten Weltkrieg gab es so viele Lügen wie Tote. Hinter der Psychologie Hitlers verbargen sich die Streitigkeiten der britischen und europäischen Königsfamilien um die „Herrschaft über den Westen" und die „Erfüllung der Prophezeiung der Nationen". Im Krieg werden Lügen und Reichtümer am besten beschützt und geheimgehalten.

So wurde der Tod zum Nebenprodukt des Konkurrenzkampfes gigantischer Egoisten, die glaubten, daß sie die auserwählten Männer des Schicksals seien, obwohl sie eigentlich als Marionetten einem anderen Königreich dienten -- dem Königreich der Banker, der neu entstehenden Firmen, der egoistischen freudianischen Gedankenkontrolle und der Okkultisten.

Der weltweit bekannte Historiker Greg Hallett und der Spymaster liefern Ihnen in diesem Buch auch enthüllende Informationen über den Flug von Rudolf Heß und seines Doppelgängers nach Britannien, über den vorgetäuschten Tod des Herzogs von Kent, über die königliche Abstammung des KGB-Spions Anthony Blunt, über die sexuellen Praktiken von Wallis Simpson und König Eduard VIII., die Weitergabe britischer Militärgeheimnisse an Hitler sowie über die Operationen JAMES BOND und WINNIE THE POOH.

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Greg Hallett: ein kompletter Stuss 28 Jan 2014 17:43 #97

Was soll dieser Thread um den angeblich "weltweit bekannten Historiker Greg Hallett"?

Alles das ist kompletter Stuss.

Dieser Thread gehört gelöscht - jedenfalls nicht zur Rubrik Geschichtsanalyse.

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